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Yoga In Healthcare Alliance Certified Teacher

Amber is certified Yoga in Healthcare Alliance teacher, trained to deliver the Yoga4Health protocol. This protocol was originally designed as a 10-week social prescribing intervention for 300 patients for the West London Clinical Commissioning Group. The protocol aims to help patients improve their physical and psychological wellbeing and address risk factors for non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular conditions and depression.


Designed by leading yoga teachers, yoga therapists, NHS doctors and other clinicians to promote self-care amongst patients, Yoga4Health is a group intervention that includes yoga postures, breathing practices, relaxation, psychoeducation and group discussion. Yoga4Health targets the following groups:


  • People who are diagnosed as pre-diabetic

  • People at risk of a cardiovascular event

  • People with mild depression, stress, and anxiety

  • People who are socially isolated.


Patients are supported to make lifestyle changes and develop a daily yoga practice. They receive access to a 150 page manual and more than 40 online videos. Monitoring and evaluation is built into the programme as – with the consent of patients – they are tracked at the start and end of the protocol.

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