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Yoga 4 Health Programme 

The Yoga in Health Care Alliance created a 10-week yoga social prescribing programme for the NHS West London Clinical Commissioning Group in 2017 – with the aim that it be rolled out nationally. The programme was evaluated by the University of Westminster. Read the full evaluation here… 

There is significant research demonstrating that yoga practice can have a positive effect on health, happiness and wellbeing. The Yoga4Health programme is designed by experts to help people improve their health and wellbeing in supportive environment if you:

  • Suffer from stress or anxiety or mild depression

  • Need to lose weight

  • Need to improve your heart health

  • Need to lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes

  • Just need help to feel well, healthy and supported

The Westminster University evaluation of the Yoga4Health programme concluded that…

“Patient reported outcome data demonstrated significant improvements from baseline to post-intervention on all outcome measures, which were sustained 3 months after the yoga4health programme. Service users showed statistically significant and clinically meaningful decreases in perceived stress, anxiety, and depression suggesting the mental health benefits of the course. Significant improvements were also found for patient activation (confidence in managing one’s
health), wellbeing and social connectedness, highlighting the programme’s positive psychological and social benefits.”

Do I need Yoga Experience to Join the 10 Week Course?

This 10-week course offers gentle yoga and you do not need any prior experience. Beginners and people of any age and ability are welcome. Your expertly trained yoga teacher will adapt and modify every practice so that you can participate fully and work at your own pace in a supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere.

What will the classes involve?

Each of the 10 sessions will last two hours, including:

  • Breathing practices

  • Simple yoga postures

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Relaxation

  • Discussion at the end

What is expected of me if I join?

As well as attending 10 sessions of two hours each, you will also be asked to do some yoga at home between sessions. You will be given guidance via home practice sheets and/or YouTube videos. How much home practice you have time for will be up to you. There will be around 15 people in each class.

What is Unique About the Yoga4Health Programme?

Designed by members of the Yoga in Health Alliance, The yoga4health Programme was uniquely created to lower stress and improve relaxation skills (thus improving mental health), and help people with prediabetes or at risk of heart disease. Yoga4Health fuses ancient practices with modern medical science. The programme was created by Paul Fox (Chair of the British Wheel of Yoga), Dr. Robin Monro founder of the Yoga Biomedical Trust, Heather Mason Founder of the Minded Institute, Dr. Ned Hartfiel of Bangor University and Emily Brett Founder of Ourmala. This ensures that the Yoga4Health programme is of the highest standard and sensitive to patient needs.

If you would like to be referred to the programme please email: or ask your GP or Social Prescribing Link Worker.
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