How to help lonely elderly people

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Start a conversation. Stop and talk. Don't hurry them.

Offer practical help, such as shopping, posting a letter, picking up prescriptions or walking their dog

Offer to accompany them or give them a lift to medical appointments, the library, hairdressers or faith services

Share your time - volunteer with an organisation that has befriending services matching you with an isolated elderly person for home visits or regular phone calls

Help with household tasks - offer to take out the rubbish, change light bulbs, clear snow, put up pictures

Share a meal - take round an extra plate of hot home-cooked food or a frozen portion

Source: NHS

and lonely younger people

Reach out. Arrange to meet face to face or talk on the phone

Encourage people to start conversations, whether a short face-to-face chat or joining an online discussion

Offer to go to a class or group activity with them

Suggest they look for talking treatments in their local area to help them manage the mental health effects of loneliness or recommend an online support community like Elefriends

Listen and don't make assumptions. People can feel lonely even if it looks like they have a busy and full life

Source: Mind


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