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In the modern world, we live in a constant state of ‘stress’ as life demands more from us. It is important to bring our awareness in to our body and to relax, so that we balance our mind, body and nervous system and therefore better cope with the world around us.

Yoga Kind is an opportunity to experience the peaceful state of your being through the medium of your body using a series of mindful yoga postures taught in a safe environment.

We use yoga to explore all four areas of the self: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Through this practice we aim to bring full awareness, acceptance and a state of relaxation in order to trigger our para-sympathetic nervous system, which allows our body to relax, heal and find wellness and peace.

Come and discover your self and connect to the power within you, make a positive change in your life today!

Yoga will help you to:

Feel energized and more confident​

Feel better about yourself

Create more ease in your body

Increase your self-esteem

Learn to relax

Be actively involved in community

Be the change you want to see!

Please note due to Covid -19 lockdown, all our classes are online at the moment. 

To book your class please go to 


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