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Support us to make Yoga accessible to all  

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Support our Trauma Informed Permaculture project in Kashmir


Our Aim is to address the loneliness in our community endured by the young, by the elderly, by carers, by those who have lost loved ones and refugees – people who have no one to talk, to or share their thoughts and experiences with.”

When people are feeling lonely, depressed, sad, or broken they reach for pills, drugs, or drink to eliminate their feelings of loneliness and frustration if they have no alternatives available.


Our Goal is to offer hope in our community and support those who experience loneliness, depression, anxiety, social exclusion, and addictions; so that we can promote health, well-being, and social inclusion in our community.

We aim to do this by offering free and low-cost Yoga and Mindfulness classes, and to create participation and learning opportunities in the therapeutic horticulture, which focuses on conservation and gardening activities to promote mental and physical well-being in our Communities. We aim to target in particular those communities and individuals who might not otherwise have ready access to these activities whether because of affordability, physical abilities, social isolation or otherwise.

Yoga For Change

One Step at a Time

Uniting Community through Yoga and Mindfulness Programs. 

Making Yoga open and accessible to all, regardless of age, experience or fitness levels.


Peace Yoga Foundation at a Glance:

Here at Peace Yoga Foundation we are driven by a single goal; 

to do our part in making the world a better place for all.

Starting with our community.  

Peace Yoga  is dedicated to the development and implementation of yoga and mindfulness classes & programs for supporting those with loneliness, stress, depression, anxiety, social anxiety and addictions.

Promoting the health, social and personal benefits of Yoga, Mindfulness and Green Gym programs focusing on conservation and gardening activities to promote mental and physical well being in our communities, particularly to those communities and individuals who might not otherwise have ready access to these activities whether because of affordability, physical abilities, social anxiety or otherwise.

We want to spread our message of hope and compassion through Yoga & Mindfulness practices, advocacy, outreach activities, social inclusion for all people, without discrimination to race, age, class, disability, religion or gender. We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world.


Health and Spiritual Well-Being are important aspect of People Care in Permaculture, therefore yoga and mindfulness practices are an integral part of our systems; starting with zone 00 and the self: a very good place to start!

Each of classes would be a specialist yoga class and involves at least 1/2 hour social time afterwards for ideas and food sharing, to help build community spirit.


Contact Peace Yoga Foundation

Shah: 07960563308 Amber: 07942612117

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